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Serious Business taking a break tonight

I’m taking a break on Serious Business this week as I’ve had quite a busy weekend and need at least a few hours to recharge. :) I’ll be back with more next Sunday at 8:30 with what I’m certain will be something epic. I can feel it. For now, though, enjoy a Jared-free Sunday with your family, friends, or multitudes of cats, whichever your situation may be.

Tonight’s Fay Briefing

Serious Business proper was preempted somewhat tonight by a briefing on Charleston Weather for Tropical Storm Fay. I’m planning on doing a few more videos as the storm gets closer; the interactive sessions on Ustream could be potentially useful as we continue to learn more about what Fay is going to do. Blog posts about Fay will continue and be tagged appropriately.

I recorded tonight’s briefing, and it’s now available online (though it may be outdated by tomorrow morning). Continue reading

Fay is Serious Business

Tonight’s Serious Business will be a two-parter; we’ll be starting out on Charleston Weather talking about the latest with Tropical Storm Fay, now a 55 MPH tropical storm starting to make a northward turn to take it over Cuba and into the Gulf. We’ll talk about where Fay is now, where it’s been, and where it might be headed and how it will impact our weather later in the week. (I’ll be simulcasting Charleston Weather inside of Serious Business, so feel free to watch over there.) The second part will be the usual Business — your usual potpourri discussion of…well, whatever tangent the audience manages to trip me on this week. We’ll DO IT LIVE tonight around 8:30 (might be a few minutes late for technical considerations) at http://jaredisserious.biz.

Serious Business: Browsers, e(vil)Harmony, more…

Serious Business pays tribute to Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, who both passed away this weekend, talks about browser compatibility, and then goes off on some strange tangent — as usual — about eHarmony, DOING IT LIVE, and how bad it is that Brett Favre gets more play than the Olympics over here.

Don’t just take my word for it. Video after the jump. Continue reading

Coming up on Serious Business: “Designed For Browser X” and more…

It’ll be a short one on Serious Business tonight, but we’ll be talking about why “Designed For Browser X” needs to finally die, pay tribute to Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, who both passed away this weekend, and the usual spate of audience digressions which make Serious Business what it is. Won’t you join us? We’re live at 8:30 ET/5:30 PT.

Serious Business: The Apple Store, Trade Deadline, and Tangents

Lots of tangents on tonight’s Serious Business; just the way I like it. We talked more Apple Store, bashed Windows a little bit, and got into a decent baseball discussion with lots of little tangents to connect it all together, including my odd Saturday night!

In case you missed it, here’s the show:

Serious Business is tentatively on for next Sunday at 8:30. I’m headed to Atlanta for the weekend, but I should be back by Sunday evening. I’m still working up the agenda for next week’s show and expect to have it up sometime this week. Thanks to everyone who fought through the technical troubles and stopped in!

Serious Business: Web PR, Cell Phones, and more!

Tonight’s Serious Business was a resounding success. Thanks to everybody who stopped in and really made it something great. Here’s hoping next week is just as good.

Here’s the recorded show, in case you missed it — and it was a good one. We went in-depth on PR practices with bloggers, new vs. old media, and you’ll even find out what my baseball bandwagon is this year…

Remember that, for now at least, we’re doing this every Sunday at 8:30 over on Ustream.tv. Check out the show’s website for links to the show as well as a link to the Facebook page. Fan the show if you deem it worthy. :) I’ll have more at the show website soon; it needs a WordPress install, I just need time.