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The War on Home Entertainment!

There’s a story making a firestorm across the techie portion of the internets today: that the MPAA is requiring people to register home theaters; failure to do so would result in fines of up to $500,000. I was convinced this was true, too — until I saw it came from BBSpot (currently slashdotted), a fantastic…satire site. So no, the MPAA isn’t that diabolical…but isn’t it an amazing commentary on the state of the entertainment industry that we can believe stories such as these?

Happy Birthday, World Wide Web

Slashdot reminds us that today marks the 16th birthday of the World Wide Web. I don’t think Tim Berners-Lee had any clue as to the monster he was creating when he put together the first Web servers. :)

Can any of you out there imagine your lives without the Web now? I know I certainly can’t — it’s been a central focus of my life since I was 13. Sometimes I ask myself what I would have ended up doing if it weren’t for the Web, and I’m honestly not sure. It’s a pretty amazing thing, no doubt about it.