In Brief Sports

A lot changes in four years

Remember when John Fox was one of the best coaches in football? Seems like so long ago. I hate to say this but I’m glad that the full slate of Falcons games are broadcast here on HHI, and not the Panthers — this season has been painful enough to follow with ESPN ScoreCenter push notifications.


Saturday: A good sports day (mostly)

The Padres snapped their losing streak and made Jason Hirsh’s major league debut with the Astros memorable — for all the wrong reasons. Jake Peavy got only his second win since May 28, which is good — the Padres find themselves in a dogfight with the Dodgers down the stretch and need all the pitching they can muster from their rotation.

The Philip Rivers Era got off to a pretty much perfect start for the Chargers. Very, very encouraging news. It is early, but we’ll take whatever good news we can in that regard.

The Panthers now remember what it’s like to have more than one receiver. The reserves are a bit shaky, though — they’ll work hard on that. The Panther offense will be so, so dangerous with Keyshawn Johnson, a healthy Keary Colbert and Drew Carter in the #3 and #4 slots, and Steve Smith. DeAngelo Williams showed some flashes of brilliance and some nerves as well, but I’m confident he’ll be a great #2 to DeShaun Foster, who looked fantastic last night as well. Yes, it’s only preseason, but things are looking up in Carolina.

Heck, the only bad news is that the Braves lost (again) and the Dodgers won (again).