As Per Whatever

Humoring myself overnight…

I went to bed at 9PM Sunday night…and awoke at 1AM. I wanted to stop my music, but I got into an IM on Windows Live…and yeah. I’m still up. I did some assorted Flash work, and also found my state tax return came in today. Additionally, the Samsung BlackJack I ordered Saturday will be arriving sometime today. :) I got an e-mail from Cingu — erm — The New AT&T™ with the terms of my renewed contract, and it seems they kinda messed up my order (I wanted them to drop my Media Works bundle in favor of the data connect plan). I’m going to have to deal with that. The phone should be sweet, though. More on that in a later post.

So, for the first (and possibly last) time this year, I’m watching First Outlook on The Weather Channel, and I am extremely disappointed that Bob Stokes is filling in for Jen Carfagno…because hey, Jen Carfagno is a babe. LV.

I went up to my parents’ house on Sunday, and my dad and I went through the latest Consumer Reports, which is a big car issue this month. We were both shocked that not a damn one of the so-called American automakers actually produce their vehicles in America. They’re all farmed out to Mexico and Canada. It’s amazing how many more so-called imports are actually built here (including the Toyota Camry). It’s just strangely ironic, isn’t it?

This week will be in stark contrast to last week in terms of stress: I’m on Spring Break, and I managed to land this week off from work. Thus, I’ll be sparse in cyberspace (though I still have a ton of e-mail to catch up on from the whole busy crush). Good, good times.

As Per Whatever Weather

March Madness of a different type…

It’s one heck of a busy night/morning for the National Weather Service. Lots of warnings going up everywhere. These storms just love to rotate…we have a tornado watch for a few more hours. I’ve been taking some screenshots of GRLevel3 tonight and sharing them on a Facebook album called Tornado Vortex Signatures (And Other NEXRAD Phenomena). It’s open to the public, so please, feel free to peek. :)

I would have blogged during the day, but the Internet connection at the College was out all day. A vital piece of hardware at the College’s ISP failed and they had to ship down a new part. In other words, they were carrying replacement tubes for the Internet(s) inside a big truck. Haha.

See you all tomorrow. Be careful driving over the bridge(s) — it’s going to be pretty windy for the next few hours…

“My world is spinning…helplessly…what’s going on…”

I think Gavin Friday sums up the state of my mind this week so far. This is turning into one of the most mentally demanding weeks I’ve had in years.

Luckily, tomorrow’s Thursday, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. (No, it’s not a freight train headed my way.)

Academically, things are clearing up a bit. I have really only one more week and a couple days before spring break kicks in. Most people complain spring break is too early; in most years, I would agree with them. This year, it’s coming at the absolute right time. I desperately need the escape. I’ve secured the time off work, so that is a major plus. For the first time since my first year of college (2003, yikes!), I’ll have a break that I can actually look forward to.

Funny anecdote: Today, I took a test in my biology class. One of the extra credit questions was, “What are your plans for spring break?” I replied that I would experience life as a member of the kingdom Plantae and spend a week as a vegetable. (I also have an itch to drive to Florida to catch some Grapefruit League baseball.) Here’s hoping I get maybe three out of the potential two points — the informed wit has to count for something.

Funny anecdote no. 2: I still had Meghann’s favorite Incubus song of all time stuck in my head as I walked into my biology lab. Today’s lab was about conduction of heat and how it affects paper butterflies (don’t ask). My TA then said “Butterflies fly better when they are exposed to heat…the warmth…” It took all of my willpower not to bust out into song right then and there.

Backing up a bit: Tuesday was the final day to drop a class without penalty. After some deliberation, I decided to let my history class go. The amount of writing I’m doing this semester probably is illegal in some states, so it’s a good thing I did. Yes, I’m still a full-time student — just not at the heavy 16-hour courseload anymore. This may permit me to breathe a bit — we shall see.

On an extremely positive note, tomorrow is expected to be effing gorgeous. I saw something about mid-70s with sunny skies. I can dig it. A look at the long-term forecast shows less in the way of bone-chilling highs and more in the way of mid 60s. Perhaps there’s something to that groundhog thing after all. Perhaps “Fair Weather” by Trammell Starks will be appropriate fare for tomorrow?