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Happy Opening Day!

I’m glad baseball’s back — it’s always a welcome distraction from the rigors of day-to-day life and lets me use my brain in different ways. One thing I’m particularly excited about using more this year are the PitchFX graphs at Brooks Baseball, which will blow your mind if you like statistics — graphical plots of a pitcher’s release point, balls and strikes, vertical and horizontal movement, and velocity are all included. (For example, here’s a breakdown of Carlos Zambrano’s awful Opening Day against the Braves.) If you’re a baseball fan who likes the intricacies of the game, spend a few hours with the PitchFX graphs — they’re fun!

Fun With Analytics

I’m in the midst of reworking my blog, and any good reworking starts with a hard look at statistics. While I definitely don’t shoot to be any sort of traffic maven A-lister type, I do like to know that at least some of what I’ve written is being read…and boy, is it interesting to see what people like to read and how they find it. How they read it is a big deal, too, as statistics tell me what the trends are for browsers, screen resolutions, etc., and this plays a huge role in redesign decisions that I’m currently making.

The report I’m running is from January 1st to today, a little over seven months of traffic. Continue reading

Hot Summer Nights

Yes, I realize I’m posting one heck of a lot about the recent heat, but I must say, I can’t ever remember a Charleston summer being this hot in a long time. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t before had a close way to analyze the temperature (my weather station). But any event, here goes the latest tidbit:

According to my weather station, the temperature has not dipped below 80.2 degrees so far in the month of August in my little corner of the peninsula. The current temperature is 82 degrees; today’s low was 81.3. Yesterday’s low was 81.7…and the high ended up being 100.4 (my weather station ran a mild fever!). NWS does not have an Excessive Heat Warning today (only a heat advisory) so this means that heat indices will not reach nearly as high as they did yesterday (I briefly saw 124°!) but it will still be plenty steamy and plenty dangerous outside. Hopefully we can muster a thunderstorm down here to cool things off a bit; seems they were popping up north, west, and east of here, but just not here. Oh well.