BarCamp Charleston’s approaching — still time to get involved!

BarCampCHS Logo There’s just a little over a month to go until BarCamp Charleston, which will be held on Saturday, October 24 at the Lowcountry Innovation Center. BarCamp is really gaining steam, with some fantastic session proposals and great sponsors, including Collecta, a powerful real-time search engine with local ties; rehava, a real estate store that is reinventing how homes are bought and sold; and the City of North Charleston, home of the Lowcountry Innovation Center and the best municipal social media strategy in the region.

We can still use your help, though. We’re still looking for more sponsors to help us put on an outstanding free event (BarCamp is meant to be free to everyone). Check out the BarCamp sponsor packages. Have an idea for a presentation? Let’s hear it, whether you can teach it or if you want someone else to teach it. It doesn’t have to be a technology topic, either — BarCamp, while it has traditionally been tech-oriented, is about sharing all types of knowledge. People have proposed sessions about photography, public speaking and the king of Internet meme foods, bacon.

Want to get involved in the planning of BarCamp? That’s easy, too — our biweekly planner’s meeting is at 5:30 PM on Tuesday. We’ll be chowing down at EVO Pizza in North Charleston (here’s a map to EVO), so come hungry and full of ideas. We’d love to have you.

Keep up with regular BarCamp updates on the BarCamp blog or by following @BarCampCHS on Twitter, and don’t forget to mark down the 24th of October.

As Per Whatever

An early blog (for a change)

My first class let out early, so I have a Vault, a chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A, and a few minutes to spare. :) It’s not a bad day out — the official NWS forecasts put the temperature in the mid to upper 60s…I think we might touch 70 today.

I find it incredibly humorous that using IE 7.0 in the public terminals prompts a “switch today” button in the bottom of the WordPress administration panel. ;)

In other, more academic news, my communication research class has moved on to qualitative studies (yes, I realize just how little time for that there is), and I am going to examine the nitty gritty of arguing on the Internet versus arguing in real life. I’m going to examine three or four different types of message boards — going to avoid the blogosphere in this one, I think — and try to make heads or tails of the quality of the arguments made (or lack thereof) and see if there are common characteristics. I’m also going to determine whether the arguments would be something anybody would talk about in real life otherwise, if it weren’t for the message board.

How about you folks? Is there something you’ve argued about on the Internet before that you would never in a million years argue about in real life — or vice versa, for that matter?