As Per Whatever

A late night in the office…

Well, it’s a late night in the office tonight. This evening marks the first time CofC has offered classroom support past 5:30 that included an actual direct phone call. Soooo, I get to be part of one giant experiment. Apparently it’ll be quiet on these nights, but you never really know when it comes to technological emergencies. I’ve gotta say, it’s a little weird being the only one in the office. Haha. All the lights are out except in the shop, which pretty much signifies that “I’m the man now, dog.” Thus, Extreme is playing at a low volume (so I can listen out for the phone ring).

I just hope the rain and the markedly colder weather hold off until after, say, 10:15PM or so, when I get to check out. The hour-by-hour breakdown on suggests it’ll be 52 downtown with cloudy conditions when I leave here. Let’s hope they’re on with that one. I don’t want to get caught in frigid, wet weather with only a sweater-shirt and khakis. My cold tolerance is admittedly faint below about 50 degrees or so, and when rain’s mixed in…look out. Very low on the Valuemeter. I really, really hope the icing scenario doesn’t play out. That stuff just isn’t fun at all. I’ll never forget driving to Greenwood from Charleston that March night in 2003, after getting back from San Diego for my grandmother’s memorial — by the time I arrived, my car was covered in ice and it took quite a bit of force to get out. That was nuts, especially for someone not versed in winter weather at all. Of course, the next month up there, we had tornado warnings on what seemed like a daily basis.

Last night was productive. I popped into the new Tanger Outlet in North Charleston, armed with a gift card that I received for Christmas. I left with four pairs of pants and four shirts (including the sweater-shirt I’m currently wearing) from the Gap for a shade under $130, most of which was absorbed by the gift card. Clearances really are a beautiful thing. It’s also nice to finally have some recent new clothing, to boot.

Everyone was extra nice to me at work today after the Chargers’ loss. I wonder why. :P

Hope you all have an enjoyable evening — catch you on the flip side of the front!