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Tornado Watch

I caught earlier that a tornado watch is up until 6am (it probably won’t last that long, though this line is moving fairly slowly). I saw some rotation in these storms earlier…it’s definitely a spring-like pattern. Temperatures in the 70s clashing against temperatures in the 30s is never pretty — unless you like towering cumulonimbus clouds with a little rotation mixed in, that is. :)

It’s not over yet…

If you’ve stepped outside this morning (in Charleston, anyway ;)), you will definitely notice that the cold front has yet to come through. Those storms were pretty intense last night, causing some damage in Summerville according to the local news outlets. In my little nook of downtown, there wasn’t so much thunder and lightning activity as there was a great deal of heavy, wind-blown rain. It was pretty intense, and in the short time the storm was around, it dumped a bit over a half an inch of rain. Ponding? You betcha.

But, as the title indicates, it’s not over yet. The Storm Prediction Center issued a new tornado watch this morning. Here’s why, in meteorologist-speak:

Discussion… potential will continue for development of a few
supercells in strongly sheared Low-Cape environment ahead of
segmented cold front
now crossing Piedmont NC/SC.

In layman speak, this means there is still a chance for thunderstorms that have that rotation necessary for tornado development. With the sun peeking out between the clouds, that could further excite the atmosphere and thus ramp up thunderstorm formation. Looking at the radar this morning, there are still some showers out there but as the daylight heating hits, one never knows what could happen. Keep a headsup until about 3 or so, when the watch expires…