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I’ll be at #chstweetup tonight — will you?

I’m looking forward to #chstweetup tonight at Bambu in Mt. Pleasant. Christina Lor of Ergonomix PR, who recently relocated to Charleston, is working to launch a new series of Twitter-based networking events here designed to connect a wide variety of professionals and other interested parties. These meetups will be a great complement to what we’re doing with Social Media Club and Lowcountry Bloggers (among other events), especially because this tweetup will bring out folks who might not necessarily be interested in specific social media-like topics. That, and it’s a great opportunity to try a new (to me, anyway) sushi place. :) Hope to see you there!

Why I missed last night’s LCB meetup

Yes, I missed the third anniversary Lowcountry Bloggers meetup last night. Apparently the #jaredrumors abound, but there’s a really good reason. My dad, a life-long Trekkie, had wanted to see the new Star Trek but wasn’t sure when he’d be able to. A little quick thinking later, and we were all able to find a time when everyone was free (including my brother who puts in 50+ hour weeks routinely), and we decided to head down to the Terrace Hippodrome — really the only way to experience Star Trek.

So, last night, I enjoyed a movie with my parents and brother for the first time in nearly 10 years. There was high praise all around for the movie (which I saw with the bloggers on opening night at the Hippodrome) as well as the venue. If you haven’t seen Star Trek yet and you’re local to Charleston, please give the Terrace Hippodrome — located at the site of the former IMAX at the aquarium downtown — strong consideration. The seats don’t get much more comfortable, the screen doesn’t get much bigger, and you will not waste any time actually getting to see the movie (one preview ran, for the new Transformers movie). Admission may be a dollar or two more than what you’re used to paying, but it is completely worth it.

It was excellent getting to see a movie with the family again. I hope my fellow bloggers will forgive me. :)

Three days, three tweetups

I wonder how many consecutive days I’d have to go to tweetups before it became a Guinness world record. I’m on day two of a three-day tweetup tour (perhaps I should make T-shirts). Last night Lowcountry bloggers met up at The Glass Onion on Highway 17 in West Ashley. (Check out the Brightkite stream.) The food at this self-described “soulful restaurant” was fantastic and enjoyable. The staff were among the best we’ve had for a meetup and the beer selection was great, too. I’ll definitely be back. Eugene and Heather have photos and recaps.

Tonight, Lowcountry BBQ takes its tour of BBQ joints to JB’s Smokeshack on Johns Island. I really, really enjoy the BBQ “meatups” for obvious reasons. :) Tomorrow night, bloggers and tweeters will be at a Stingrays hockey game (in some incredible seats, if I do say so myself). The ice will be pink for that game to support cancer research — that’ll be a first for me. :)

I definitely enjoy these local events — it’s always fun to hang out with online friends offline, and if you’re local and haven’t been to any of our meetups yet, I really recommend it. We’ve got really cool people in the Charleston Twitter/blogosphere. :)