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Several orders of magnitude of awesome: Air-powered ‘Star Trek’ door

I suspect I would get into massive amounts of trouble if I built one of these in my apartment. All he needs is a motion sensor and this is golden. (Via Duke Darrigo.)

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Video: The power of the low-level jet stream

Download now or watch on posterous (16324 KB)

We had a break in the clouds earlier today and I was able to get a little footage of just how fast the puffy cumulus clouds (forming fairly low to the ground) were racing by.  You can also see some altocumulus coming into the frame from the right (and more from the south and southwest), indicating wind shear which will be supportive of strong to possibly severe storms later tonight.

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Serious Business Recap: Super Bowl and Hooters…CRAYONS?

The Serious Business Super Bowl Pre-Pre-Pregame Show was a fun one, where we talked a bit about football and a lot more about the availability of crayons at Hooters. Seriously. It’s amazing what happens in Serious Business. Of course, we have video. :)


Twitter Fail and The 386 on Serious Business

Serious Business hit the ground running on its new night last night — we’re doing it live Wednesdays now at 8:30 PM ET. I saw a lot of new faces in the show last night — very cool! Here’s hoping next week I won’t fall asleep before preparation so I can start doing some Skype call-ins. :) An hour of my voice hurts your ears and my vocal cords, so it will be awesome to bring more into the mix. Last night’s show, where I say my piece on Twitter’s first-week-of-2009 struggles and demonstrate Windows 3.11 on my 386, lives on after the jump.


Graduation, in multimedia

"Diploma" and Program

Whole Family Shot

Looking at the crowd

Today was a damn good day. While I was only able to have a limited number of guests, I was still able to invite my friends from all over the world thanks to things like Qik, Brightkite, Flickr, and Twitter. You can see my day as it happened on Brightkite, a couple videos of reasonable quality from the floor of the arena on Qik, and more photos like the ones above on Flickr.

Many thanks to everybody for your congratulations and well wishes — they mean so much. :)

As Per Whatever

The Final Countdown

It’s that time of year — the final stretch into the exam period and the end of the semester (and, for me, the long-awaited end to my college career). So, expect relative silence on the blog and in my social media space for a while. I’ll try to come up for air on weekends. (I do need to post a review of my BlackBerry Bold, but I’ll do that after a couple more weeks with it on my belt…erm…under my belt.)

So while I frantically conclude my undergraduate years, here’s a funny video to watch (BlackBerry-themed, of course):

Catch you in the valleys…

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My Demo of Charleston Weather at the Independent Bloggers’ Conference

I had a wonderful time at ConvergeSouth and the impromptu but rabidly successful (at least in my mind) Independent Bloggers’ Conference this weekend. I’ll have a full recap post in the next day or so after I drive back from Greensboro, but here’s my demonstration of Charleston Weather from Saturday’s sessions, which was a fun and loose workshop with really cool questions from the crowd and a couple mishaps (because when you DO IT LIVE, sometimes things go wrong). Many thanks to Patrick for taping in high definition (and boo on iMovie for weirding it out a bit; this upload will be replaced by something a bit better soon).

Charleston Weather Demo at the Independent Bloggers’ Conference, Greensboro, NC from Jared Smith on Vimeo.

Video of the storm from my place

Got a pretty cool video of the worst of today’s storm hitting here downtown. I’m uploading a shorter version to YouTube right now, but here’s about 10 minutes of video of the worst part of the storm on the Charleston peninsula. It’s in QuickTime format. Will get it in WMV later — ideally, the YouTube version will be better.

I was on the phone with my brother most of the time, and was relaying a play-by-play. There was no tornado downtown, but a couple times I thought there was. I swore a couple times, too — heat of the weather.

Enjoy. Feel free to pass this around or use on air (*cough*) with credit. Consider this Creative Commons.

Severe Weather Downtown