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Vista-free (at least at home)

A flick of the wrist and some command line kung-fu eliminated the Windows Vista bootloader — and thus, the ability to boot Vista — from my home machine about 20 minutes ago. That partition will then be used for a more noble purpose, as Ubuntu Linux will be installed as soon as the ISO finishes downloading and burning. I desperately, desperately need to immerse myself in Linux again. I am long overdue for another run at Linux at the desktop again. I miss it, greatly. On a side note, my test server will be getting CentOS 4.4, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone, very shortly.

This will tide me over for *nix on the desktop until I can afford one of these babies. Say it with me now — eight-core Xeon. Yummmmm.

November 1st

Welcome to November…six days until the nastiest political campaign I can ever remember will (hopefully) be settled. A few thoughts:

  • It sure seems wrong that I am going to be wearing shorts today. With a high near the coast estimated around 75, it’s going to be quite a beautiful day. Enjoy today and tomorrow, for Friday will bring along the winds of change: a northwesterly flow which will cool us right down to where we were during the middle of last week. Expect it to get warm again next Tuesday, though…so bizarre.
  • If you’re at CofC, check out the Sustainable Campus Initiative folks behind Addlestone today. They’re doing a lightbulb exchange (exchange standard lightbulbs for flourescent ones) and have a branded coffee mug deal where you can get the mug and take it into select local coffeeshops and get a discount for not using their paper cups. It’s really good stuff, and I strongly recommend everyone stops in there.
  • Also at CofC, incoming president Dr. George Benson and his wife, Jane, will be doing a welcoming ceremony at Alumni Hall. I’m disappointed that my schedule won’t permit me to attend this event — I’d like to see how this guy is. Apparently he’s a really good fundraiser — let’s hope they got him for more than his fundraising prowess, though.
  • I hope everyone had a safe Halloween weekend. On Saturday, I went up to Tom’s (as usual) and did an impromptu party with them. It was fun. My costume? A far-thinner and hairier version of the Tourette’s Guy (warning, EXTREMELY vulgar!!!). No, I didn’t get off on an incoherent rant like he does in his videos, but I did have the khakis, the authentic Tony the Tiger t-shirt, and a neckbrace. It was pretty classic, if confusing to about 98% of America. I didn’t get any trick or treaters last night — at least none that I was aware of. I was up in the office researching Vista stuff until 8:30 or so. That, coupled with a paper for my Biology lab, pretty much killed any idea of going out last night (though it almost happened). Speaking of which — does anyone out there in IT have any insights about deploying Vista in their enterprise? I’m curious to see what the rest of the world is doing.

I may catch you all a little later tonight, as at this point I don’t foresee any other major assignments coming down the pike (but never say never…)

My reputation precedes me

It’s always hilarious to come back and see a message asking me if I caught the new Weather Channel show, Abrams & Bettes. For the record, I did not — I was watching ESPN NFL Countdown, and playing with Vista most of the night.

Speaking of Vista, Office 2007 is now properly installed in my fresh Build 5728 installation — I feel like that for the first time the performance and relative stability is there now to possibly make me productive. This is assuming I don’t keep moving windows around watching the backgrounds blur, though…which I have a terrible habit of doing. :-P Build 5728 is sweet though. It performs well, uses memory more judiciously, and feels much snappier. There are still some annoying glitches, but I get the feeling they are at this point driver related.

Congrats to the Saints. What a win down there. Nothing like seeing Mike Vick look dumbfounded. :)

‘Night folks…


Initial Vista RC1 thoughts

Well I’ve installed Vista RC1 at work. The visual changes from Build 5536 to RC1 (build 5600) are small, but performance seems to be quite good on this OptiPlex GX620 I’m running it on. The Radeon X600 graphics board in this machine is doing a mighty fine job of running Aero, too.

I haven’t tried it at home yet — that will probably happen this weekend. I’m not sure if I’m going to get to install it before then, though. It’s not going to be my primary OS just yet, I don’t think. That kind of sucks, too, as I wouldn’t mind having it as a primary OS.

We’ll see what happens…

Vista…I just can’t do it yet.

So I’ve been using Windows Vista Pre-RC1 over the last few days, attempting to get comfortable in it. It’s much, much more reliable than Beta 2 ever was, but I am still running into really stupid problems with it — and for something that hit Release Candidate 1 on Friday, I shouldn’t be having these problems. First of all, while performance has most certainly improved since the early betas, it still uses almost a gig of RAM from a clean boot. I’m not sure what’s up with that, especially considering Beta 2 after a round of updates actually used less. I installed a few applications and found it sluggish to get around. I even found typing sluggish in some cases. DWM — the subsystem responsible for Aero Glass — seems to really hit performance hard in this particular build, as shutting it off sped a lot of the “moving around” right up. While the animations are smoother, little things like the framerate of the Winamp Classic spectrum analyzer have dropped noticeably. This may be a driver issue — I’ll wait for Release Candidate 1 to be available to the masses and the accompanying nVidia drivers before I make a final call on this, but if these performance problems continue into Release Candidate 1 and beyond, I will entertain many serious doubts about just how many people will leave Aero enabled when they install Vista.

Also, Vista is at the stage where — and I don’t use this term loosely — absolutely stupid behaviors really should be ironed out. There was a random period of a few minutes where, for no reason, MP3s just stopped playing in both Winamp and Media Player. I went and checked a few things, and then they started again. Twenty minutes later I tried to start Photoshop up, and it for some reason complained of a “locked file” and then aborted. I definitely chalk this up to a Vista bug, as I have never seen such behavior in XP. The drivers for my Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250 are buggier in build 5536 than in Beta 2, as I have lots of issues with video glitching up and the audio skipping badly at times. I’ve got a litany of bug reports heading MS’s way, for sure.

Here’s to hoping Release Candidate 1 — build 5600 — irons some of these glitches out. They have to do it, because Microsoft has built up the expectations that Vista will be the most reliable and sturdy version of Windows yet. If it falters on that point — and I have a real fear that it will — Vista will have a tough time getting adopted. So far, I’m still having problems becoming productive in Vista, and that does not bode well for the OS.

Reviews of Vista 5536…

Neowin rounds up three reviews of Windows Vista build 5536, dubbed “Pre-RC1.” The consensus reaction is quite positive. I’ve been wrestling with switching to Vista as my primary OS when RC1 is released, and if RC1 continues the positive progress of 5536, then I may indeed bite the bullet and go for Vista as the primary OS. I couldn’t use Beta 2 as my primary, too slow, and UAC was mondo annoying. That, and I think I destroyed that installation accidentally. Oops. :)

Thoughts on this? Have I lost it?