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Free Return Trajectory

Yesterday I emerged from my midafternoon nap a little later than I wanted and panicked because I didn’t have a majority of my books yet (I didn’t get paid until Friday). I pulled on some decent clothing, fired up the iPod (which I need to charge), and hotfooted it — no, more like hobbled, as my right foot has been bothering me — to the variety of campus bookstores…and found they were all closed. Such is life, but I can survive a couple more days.

The nice part about living in a lively place like Charleston is that there is no shortage of interesting things going on at any one time. King Street, even at 6, was already a buzz of activity; guys with their ladies dressed up all prim and proper to hit a club or grab an extremely expensive dinner; Citadel cadets with CofC women in tow, out and about; a Philadelphia Eagles fan yakking on his phone outside La Hacienda, and everything in between. Rather than just immediately turn around, I decided to keep walking for a bit, and turned on George Street. If King Street is remarkable for its amazing level of buzz, then I think it’s worth noting that you can walk a block to the west and descend into relative silence (except for the construction projects, of course). That’s another great thing about Charleston; the buzz is there when you need it, and then you can take five steps and it’ll be quiet again. I popped down George Street, weaved about the CofC campus for a bit, and then got back onto Calhoun for the walk home. My mission may have not been accomplished, but it was a great walk on a comfortable day. With apologies to NASA and Apollo 13, I call this my “free return trajectory” — where I take an excessively roundabout way home after walking for a bit. It’s much more gratifying than the “direct abort,” in which I would just turn around and head straight back. That’s no fun. Plus, the free return gives me the opportunity to hear at least three or four more songs, not to mention see different people — that makes it most definitely worth it.