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I’m doing periodic updates on Hurricane Earl over at the underutilized Charleston Weather blog. It looks less and less likely that Earl is going to be an issue for South Carolina (possibly a different story for the Outer Banks), but it will be cool to see how the P2 WordPress theme — which updates in real-time — responds if/when something does bear down on the Lowcountry.

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New beginnings for

One of my focus areas in the early parts of this year has been to extract some of my side projects, such as Serious Business and Charleston Weather, out from under so that I could give them some room to breathe and take on lives of their own. This process has largely been completed for Serious Business, as I was able to move it to a Tumblr site (which has worked well so far). Establishing Serious Business with its own branded site and Twitter account have been useful in forming a stable audience.

Now that Serious Business is done, it’s time to give my weather efforts the same treatment. The work on that started very, very early this morning, culminating in a somewhat buggy rough draft of the beginnings of a brand new Charleston Weather site at