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Some small infrastructure changes at home

So in light of yesterday’s power problems, I’ve decided to make a couple changes:

  • wxstarzero.jaredsrealm.net, the 200 MHz Pentium running Debian Linux that is currently responsible for uploading weather data to Weather Underground, will be retired. It’s fairly unreliable (needs to be rebooted every two to three days) and has a lot of strange issues. Plus, it’s a 200 MHz Pentium.
  • I’m relocating nightwind, my domain controller/DNS server/DHCP server, to the back of the house, where wxstarzero currently sits. This will help in distributing power a bit better, and puts the server in a perfect location to begin uploading the weather data. I’ll load Virtual Weather Station or some equivalent on the machine and start having it upload the data. This cuts down on running an extra machine, and it should prove to be much much more reliable as well.

With this in mind, expect a little downtime on the station tonight as I make the transition over. It shouldn’t take too long, though.

Rainfall Totals, Weather, Etc…

I recorded 2.04″ of rain yesterday at my house on my weather station, which I’ve had running for about a month now. You can’t miss the giant Weather Underground image underneath my book plug in the right sidebar now – that’s directly from my house to Weather Underground, reporting all the pertinent current conditions (except sky condition of course). What’s cool is that if you look up most downtown zip codes — for example, 29401, you’ll get my station’s conditions versus the ASOS station at Charleston International. This also works on James Island, but West Ashley falls out of reach. Mt. Pleasant is well covered. It’s pretty cool to see the more pinpointed conditions provided by amazingly accurate weather stations in the area.

Yesterday’s rainfall came courtesy of a fairly disorganized tropical low making landfall on the Georgia coast. That moisture is making its way up the Eastern seaboard, so yeah, it’s going to rain like a mofo for the next few days.