Well, I think I found my breakfast for this morning

Last night (or really, really early this morning) I wrote there was no chance of snow, blah blah blah. And then, I find this Special Weather Statement in my inbox.

… Frozen precipitation will mix with rain at times this

Frozen precipitation… in the form of sleet and snow… will
occasionally mix with rain at times through the mid morning hours.
The sleet and snow will occur during times of heavier
precipitation. The frozen precipitation will not accumulate… but
rainfall and strong winds may result in hazardous driving conditions
this morning. Motorists… especially those in high profile
vehicles… should use caution when traveling across bridges due
to the high winds.

Tune to NOAA Weather Radio all hazards or visit the National
Weather Service in Charleston on the internet at weather.Gov/chs
for the latest forecasts and statements.

It’s not “fun” snow, though. It’s snow and sleet mixed with — you guessed it — crappy, terrible cold rain. Talk about a commuter nightmare this morning…and I get to walk in this crap in about 20 minutes…

As Per Whatever

Other things of note…

In addition to fawning over Office 2007, I’ve had a few other things going on that are worth noting. Here’s two more nerd items and then some general real life things…

  • I’m now running Windows Vista Business Gold, build 6000, at work. The differences between RC2 and Gold are mainly visual in nature, but things also seem much smoother just in general operation. It doesn’t really handle like a beta anymore, which is pretty fantastic. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s faster than XP about some things, and that says a lot. I’ll have more of a full review in the coming days, as the driver situation begins to shake out a bit more. I was also able to install the newly-minted gold version of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition as well. Performance is much improved. Office 2007 is one of the best software packages to ever find its way out of Redmond, and they managed to keep it small enough to fit on a CD, to boot.
  • This weekend I decided to switch back to using iTunes 7 for sending files to my iPod versus Winamp’s functionality. It seemed Winamp had totally mislabeled the songs from Ryan Farish’s Beautiful album, so listening to a song from Beautiful was certainly an act of mystery, as I had no clue what I was going to get. After firing up iTunes, it prompted me to upgrade my first-generation Nano to software version 1.3. Bug fixes, better standby times…hey, why not? I proceeded with the installation. Things got off to a fairly inauspicious start, with the whole downloading of the software from the Apple servers and the like going smoothly. iTunes told me that it was going to initiate the installation, and that the iPod would restart a couple times. Then, an endless progress bar. I gave it a few minutes, and then got frustrated. I hit The Google™ and promptly found instructions to unplug the Nano, give it five seconds, and re-plug it in, and the update would resume. So, that’s what I did…and the upgrade proceeded. Sweet, I thought, until the Nano restarted and my system promptly started locking up, unable to recognize the device as an iPod. Greaaaaaaaaaat. Sure enough, after fighting with Windows to let me remove the device safely, I checked out the iPod and promptly saw that my playlists, tracks, etc. were, erm, gone. Lovely. Upon plugging it back in, the Nano rebooted again. This became a fairly common occurrence. So, once again I hit The Google™ and stumbled on this thread at PlanetAMD64, which turned out to be solid gold. After sticking the iPod in recovery mode as per the instructions, I was able to format the damn thing, restore the software to a properly working state, and get on with my day, restoring my files…in Winamp. :P Winamp 5.3 fixed a few things with iPod support, I think, because it’s working a lot better now. So, yet again, screw iTunes. :) I’ve got a bit more of an eclectic mix on there now (didn’t include all three CDs of Trammell Starks’s Music For Local Forecast this time around) and I quite like it. The software improvements in version 1.3 are nice, too, with a maximum volume limiter, improvements to battery life, and better responsiveness coming from standby. Too bad it was such a bitch to install, though. I’ve got to redo my playlists but that’s a task for Thanksgiving.
  • Microsoft seems to have fixed a very annoying issue in one of its recent patches (likely the MSXML patch): I was freaking out for a month because it seemed like every few clicks, it would register as a double-click, sometimes really fouling things up for me. Thanks, MS.
  • The forecast for the rest of the week: Crappy, icky, terrible cold rain. I absolutely abhor this type of weather, especially around Thanksgiving. I can’t remember having a rainy Thanksgiving in forever. Stupid coastal low, “sou’easter”, whatever. I heard rumors this morning that there would be some snow this weekend but I can’t find anything that suggests we even have a chance at that. Maybe in the mountains…who knows. It most definitely won’t be here.
  • I’ve been digging back into Ryan Farish’s back catalog recently, with an opportunity to hear some of his rare works from his days. There are so many songs that are out there that he should repackage and sell in a Selected Works Super-Duper XPanded release. “Healer” is most definitely one of those tracks that needs to live on. Pure Farish musical goodness in that one.

Catch you guys during the day tomorrow…I’m sure I’ll find something to harp on. :)

As Per Whatever

Just a couple more classes left…

…and then, finally, Fall Break will have arrived. I cannot state the importance of this enough.

Clearly, my previous post (which I have since revised for, erm, sanity) indicates the need to keep me away from the cockpit of The Blog after several drinks. Perhaps I’ll need to invent a breathalyzer apparatus that renders my instant messaging programs, WordPress administration console, and Gmail completely inaccessible until it is satisfied that I am once again coherent enough to use the machine outside of watching the WeatherStar 4000 emulator (a new version was just released, by the way!) on repeat. I’m sure there are people who probably want this type of apparatus for their cell phones, as well. I’m lucky; my phone’s features easily distract me from using it for phone calls.

Right now I’m watching Addlestone Library computer staff disassemble an automatic stapler in an effort to revive it. This is epic, epic stuff. There were four people around the stapler at one point. I guess someone ripped a part critical to the operation of the stapler right out of it — wow. It’s a classic “wtf was that person thinking?” moment.

So I mentioned in my edited previous post that it’s quite chilly out. It’s even worse considering the wind we’re getting. It may be 48 degrees out but that doesn’t factor in the wind; with the wind enhancement, it’s closer to 35. It’s so windy, my weather station picked up an 18 mph gust overnight — this is significant, because it’s tough for me to get accurate wind readings on the station due to its location, so to get 18 mph is unheard of. It’s the highest wind I think I’ve recorded on it, actually. This is happening because the cold front that passed overhead will be stalling out east of here and interacting with the high pressure that’s building in. The resulting pressure gradient will, thus, be responsible for pumping in some chilly northeast wind. This is going to cause some issues with the tides, as well, this weekend, as it’s going to push the surf up a bit higher than normal and cause some shallow coastal flooding, according to the National Weather Service.

Other than that, there’s not much going on — I’m really looking forward to the break so I can get some stuff done around the apartment that I’ve been dying to do for a while now. I’m going to finish up some projects and get started on others — such is life.

In the coming days I’ll be putting together a position paper for how I want to vote in the elections on Tuesday and why, so stay tuned for that one.



Can you believe…

…that the high temperature on Saturday was 81 degrees?

This is too much coldness, too fast. Here’s hoping it all stabilizes real soon…

Friday: Cold fronts and more…

As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you stepped outside this morning, we’ve had a cold front come through and overhaul our temperatures — today has been markedly cooler than yesterday, and tomorrow will be even chillier. The National Weather Service, in a statement issued early this morning, suggests that things could dip as low as the upper 30’s tonight in far-inland regions! This is the first real potent cold air mass that we’ve seen all year. Do you remember where your sweaters are? :) Don’t get too used to it just yet, though, as a look at the long range forecast shows that the warmer temperatures will return by Sunday night or so. It’s not time to stow your shorts and t-shirts for winter — then again, when is that ever an option in Charleston? ;)


Revenge of El Niño

NOAA today confirmed what many, including myself, had suspected as the root of the unexpectedly (and thankfully) dormant 2006 hurricane season — yep, blame it on El Niño! The warming of the Pacific lent a hand to pretty quiet hurricane seasons in the mid-to-late ’90s and is having a similar effect this year. NOAA forecasters expect this El Niño to last into 2007 and possibly beyond.

I haven’t blogged much about the tropics in the last few days. Florence has since brushed by Bermuda as a Cat 1 and dissipated, but there are a couple things out there, such as Hurricane Gordon (harmlessly turning out to sea) and Tropical Depression Eight. Eight interests me greatly. While Dr. Masters is bullish on TD 8 turning away from the U.S., my interpretation of the history of storms forming between the 20th and 25th parallels suggests that this is one that definitely bears watching over the next week or so. Be sure to read Dr. Masters’s blog; he’s got a great tidbit on new technology called the driftsonde that they’re using off the coast of Africa to collect data from within these disturbances that haven’t been able to be sampled previously. Very cool, especially for you hurricane/weather buffs out there.

What about locally? There’s a cold front on the way through with a low that’s going to come pretty close. My barometer has been in freefall all day, as well as the rain off and on, and I anticipate that will continue, though all indications are that this weekend will be exceedingly beautiful with a nice fresh airmass in place. The weather’s been awful seasonable these days, no? It sure has felt like Fall. :)

Weather Weather Station

Whew. What a day.

It’s been a heck of a day. Right now, at the time of this writing, Ashley Ave. heading toward Calhoun is still flooded — not quite to the degree of earlier, but it’s still largely underwater. I may get a couple more pics before the sun goes down.

Best news of all — the station’s back operational. The submerging of the wiring seemed to cause major problems, and I’ll have to reinforce the shielding of the wires for next time.

I’m wet and cold still. My feet will never forgive me.


Aye caramba…

New record at my house: Temperature is 101.1, heat index is 124.

One day things will cool off and I will talk about normal things. I swear.


Rainfall Totals, Weather, Etc…

I recorded 2.04″ of rain yesterday at my house on my weather station, which I’ve had running for about a month now. You can’t miss the giant Weather Underground image underneath my book plug in the right sidebar now – that’s directly from my house to Weather Underground, reporting all the pertinent current conditions (except sky condition of course). What’s cool is that if you look up most downtown zip codes — for example, 29401, you’ll get my station’s conditions versus the ASOS station at Charleston International. This also works on James Island, but West Ashley falls out of reach. Mt. Pleasant is well covered. It’s pretty cool to see the more pinpointed conditions provided by amazingly accurate weather stations in the area.

Yesterday’s rainfall came courtesy of a fairly disorganized tropical low making landfall on the Georgia coast. That moisture is making its way up the Eastern seaboard, so yeah, it’s going to rain like a mofo for the next few days.

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Last few days’ roundup

I’ve been going quite nuts toward the end of this past week trying to secure a new apartment, deal with stuff at work, and the like. Forgive me for my lack of bloggage. I’ll try and make it up with a crash course of the last few days.