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A random jumble

I torture Twitter so much with my rapid-fire randomness these days. It’s amazing that I have as many humans as I do actually following me because I get so random and off the wall there with things. So, I feel it’s only fair that I take some of this randomness to the blog for a change.

  • I should’ve gone out singing last night. Wild Wing downtown does a pretty good karaoke night on Thursdays. Only problem? They don’t have any songs by Tantric. My range is right between Hugo Ferreira and Todd Whitener, so Tantric is pretty much perfect. On my birthday, I settled for Days of the New, which I do pretty well with, but Tantric has an energy you can’t deny.
  • Had a pretty decent severe thunderstorm roll through West Ashley earlier, and of course I snapped a few photos of the onset. The cloud was wild as it approached (didn’t get my camera in time to get that shot) — it was very much like those spaceships in Independence Day.
  • I’m slowly chipping away at a new look for this place. I’ve started over about three times now. That work won’t be wasted, though, as I usually find a way to take the best aspects of each design and meld them together. The goal in the next revision of the site is simplification: I’m cutting a lot of deadwood, recategorizing every post (that will take a while), and a lot of other stuff. It’ll be nice, though; I suspect it’ll be the biggest revamp we’ve seen here in a long time.
  • Not sure who to vote for in November now after the FISA Obamination. My tirades against telecom immunity are well-documented here, and it just blows my mind that Obama voted for that bill. It’s a complete breakdown in principle that I wasn’t expecting from him at all, and this is really teetering on the edge of deal-breaker for me. Barack Obama’s just another politician now, and you know, I’m looking for more than pandering and broken promises for a change. He’s going to have to work very hard to win my vote back. (No, I’m not going McCain, either.)
  • A lot of people have brought up how Clinton voted no on the FISA bill. While that’s admirable, Obama was still the better pick for the party based solely on Clinton’s baggage. However, I can’t help but wonder what John Edwards would have been able to do had the media given him 30 seconds of attention.
  • Regardless, part of me feels a little had. This episode is a good reminder that with very few exceptions, there is very little separating the Democratic and Republican agendas. How much more do we have to take before third parties become viable in this country?

Enjoy your Friday, folks!

Some changes

As you can see, I went through and did a whole bunch of stuff to the site today. More work is forthcoming, too.

The first piece of motivation was to change the header to get that outdated picture out. After doing that, I realized that I had tweaked the PSD that held the layout to alter the shadow angle. Whoops. So, the title was off the rest of the layout. I re-exported the rest of the layout and was like “well, you know, while I’m here, I can fix the horizontal scroll issue at 800×600,” which I did. Then, stuff started just rolling:

  • I got rid of Georgia as the primary post text font (it just looked off) and went to a Helvetica/Arial set for post text (Verdana is too wide for my tastes and Tahoma lacks an italic version of the font, making it look TERRRRRIBLE when italicized) and Segoe UI and Lucida Grande for headings for those who have the new round of Microsoft UI fonts (or Macs). Georgia still stays for blockquoted text, though.
  • I cleaned up the asides. No incredibly loud 20 pixel-wide left border anymore.
  • Note the “Tagulonimbus” tag cloud on the homepage and the bottom of the blog homepage, too. It’s fun.
  • My Twitter status is now available under the heading RIGHT NOW on the homepage and blog homepage.

Tweaks are in progress for standard blog posts and their archive pages. I’m still figuring a few things out with those. I think you’ll find, though, that the look is “matured.” I sure think so.

Standing by…

It’s an eventful evening! My half-sister, Ritah Parrish, is flying in tonight. I haven’t seen her since I was maybe 9 or 10. This is incredibly exciting, for sure. She lives in Oregon and does acting in independent films as well as standup in the Portland, OR area. Her latest is Addison’s Wall — it’s available from Netflix. Cooool. :)

It’s funny how much and how little time does. Back when I was so young, I would sing Weather Channel songs and try to deny it. Now, some 12 years later, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. ;)

I’ve also been busy making some fixes to the site template (search results aren’t fugly anymore) and adding some content in some places and “under construction” bumpers in others. It’s very exciting to have a new look to mess with. Thinking about it, this is the first real major revamp of the look since a year and a half ago. Exciting stuff. The initial feedback is very positive. :)

By the way, if you use IE and launch something from one of the menus, when you move your mouse away, it looks like the page stops loading. This is because in order for older IEs to display the menus properly, it has to invoke JavaScript on mouse over and mouse out. Since the script runs on those events, it appears to abort page load by stopping the loading animation. Fear not — it’s still loading. Just give it time.

Going back to class and work tomorrow is going to be a drag. What’s amazing is that there’s one more left in the semester, and that’s it for this academic year. Scary!

Anyway, we’re off to KCHS to pick her up. Catch you all tomorrow!