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What. A. Game.

How did the Chargers win this game? How did the Colts come back? Wow. The fact that the Colts rallied from 23 points and the psychological beating of two kick returns for touchdowns is amazing in and of itself, and shows what they’re made of…but wow. Special teams ruled this game. The kickoff return gave the Chargers the lead (eventually for good), but a missed extra point attempt could have been the deciding point…had Adam Vinatieri not pushed a 29-yard attempt wide right.

The most staggering thing: Six interceptions of Manning…now that’s unheard of. Well, at least, until tonight.

It’s time for bed. Go Bolts.

Bucs at Panthers on Monday Night Football

The Carolina Panthers, once again, managed to only put together one half of complete football. The difference in tonight’s game over the last couple weeks is that they played the last 30 minutes to perfection. After a first half of blown opportunities, mediocre defense, excessive penalties, and zero offense outside of a field goal, the Panthers made one hell of a halftime adjustment and saved their season by defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-10 to move up to 5-4. Steve Smith had a night very becoming of him, 149 yards and a touchdown. Julius Peppers had three sacks, leading the defense. The most impressive part of this game, though, was how the Panthers began mixing Brad Hoover into the offense. Coming into tonight, he had three carries all year; he had four tonight, including his first touchdown. Mixing him into the offense opened a new dimension for a running game that had barely gotten anything going to that point, and helped to really open up the rest of the offense. I hope they continue to make Hoover the X-factor of sorts in future games and, to borrow a phrase from Panther Keyshawn Johnson, give him the damn ball more. He’s always been a competent runner; Carolina fans will never forget that Monday night game in 2000 where he got the start in place of an injured Tshimanga Biakabutuka and proceeded to run for 114 yards and a touchdown.

The above being said, the Panthers have to play better than they did tonight — i.e. put together 60 minutes of high-quality football — in order to garner any serious consideration as a contender for the NFC South title (or even a wild card spot). They’re still not at the level they should be, but tonight was a good start toward that. Let’s hope they can keep this momentum going and put together a solid run — it really doesn’t get much easier from here for them, and if they want anything resembling a decent seeding in the playoffs, they almost have to run the table at this point.

Stuff learned this weekend

Stuff I learned this weekend during those rare times when I went out of the house:

  • South Carolina has some real issues with defending against a field goal block. Or two. Or three. That was gut-wrenching to watch. (Yes, I dabble in college football every once in a while.)
  • The NFL is still incredibly unpredictable. Week 10 was definitely full of upsets, with Green Bay beating Minnesota, Houston beating Jacksonville, the Jets beating the Patriots, Miami beating Kansas City, and Pittsburgh beating New Orleans. The best upset of the weekend, though, was Cleveland beating Atlanta — a Carolina win tonight will put the Panthers in a better position in the South (Atlanta still holds the head-to-head advantage pending the result of their Week 17 matchup with Carolina). And I’ll tell you what…Buffalo sure gave Indy a scare!
  • Never, ever, ever, ever let me watch any movie that has anything to do with computers. I will pick it apart. The latest victim: Stay Alive, which is predicated on people dying the same way they do in a computer game. I recommend it — if you’re intoxicated.
  • Wes Craven is a sick, sick man — and that’s what makes him such a genius.

Hmmm…I should get out more. Only four bullet points? Ridiculous. I’m sure I missed something.

What a Charger victory…

Another four-TD game for LaDainian Tomlinson to contribute to a 42-point second half brought the Chargers back from a 28-7 deficit to defeat the Bengals 49-41. Utterly amazing. This was the Chargers’ first win this season outside of California, and it was ridiculously wild. A shame I only got to read the recap; I would have loved to see this matchup. How stunned do the Bengals have to be right now?

It’s Carolina vs. Tampa on Monday Night Football — should be interesting. Not going to pick the game. Knowing my luck Carolina will, again, only play half a football game and Tampa will roar back under Gradkowski to win. That, or the Panthers rupture his spleen, too…

A wacky NFL weekend

The NFL was nuts this weekend. Brady throws 4 INTs, the Steelers are all but out of the race to defend their title after losing to Denver, Da Bears were done in by the Dolphins (six turnovers and an Urlacher injury don’t help either — sorry Dan), and Nick Novak gets redemption for the Redskins on an unprecedented second-chance field goal set up by a Troy Vincent field goal block and a Cowboy grabbing Sean Taylor’s face mask (Ale and Duke were there). Crrrrrrazy.

The Chargers won again, beating the Browns, and the Panthers managed not to lose on their bye week, so that’s good, too.

What a whirlwind…I can’t believe we’re in the home stretch of the season. I’ll have to start doing some playoff projections soon, methinks…