Mother’s Day

Yeah, I’m quite late on this, but I hope every mother out there had a lovely Mother’s Day! Sadly my mother was a bit under the weather today, but having my brother and I both home is always a treat for her. :) We watched Borat and all the deleted scenes together — what a ridiculously insane movie. Love you Mom.

Also, I’d like to extend my congratulations to all those who graduated from College of Charleston today. Folks, welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives. :) In another unfortunate Mother’s Day note, thunderstorms formed and dumped some rain on the ceremony. It seems like the past two years have just not been good weather-wise for the traditional Cistern ceremony. I certainly hope that two years of wet conditions don’t totally put the damper on over a hundred or so years of commencement tradition, though.

I took something of a computing hiatus this weekend. I really only used the PC to watch the newly-rereleased Major League DVD and do some forecasting and radar analysis for some friends. As a result I have a lot of e-mail to sift through, but it was nice to get away from the screen for a change. It was, at least Friday night and Saturday, a nice weekend to get away and do stuff. Friday I did a couple laps around the peninsula and went to a friend’s house for the remainder of the evening. Saturday was the day I finally watched the Major League DVD and did a cubic crap-ton of laundry, as well as threw the ball around 100 times or so. It was something to do other than stare at a screen, and it was nice to get something of a workout. I think my new upstairs neighbors think I’m crazy for throwing a ball at a wall out of a full windup for no purpose, but oh well.

Quote of the Weekend

Overheard at Norm’s Pizza and Subs, corner of Smith and Calhoun:

Hey man, do you know what PBR stands for?
Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Epic Maneuver of the Weekend

Looking at a giant line of showers and thunderstorms creeping southward with a cold front last night at around 10:00. I’m craving Arby’s at this time, and am about to go when my buddy Tom IMs me. I tell him that there’s rain coming, and he begins to panic, as he had just painted the floor of his porch. I rush over to help him put up plastic around his porch (and I get Arby’s in return). It didn’t rain that night — the front had stalled out around Orangeburg, though it was good that the plastic went up because it did rain today.

It’s going to be a nutty week ahead…a lot going on, some of which I’ll be able to detail more after it’s all finished. Between the ever-present work stuff, getting my car’s registration into my name, and trying to figure out a reasonable plan for how to celebrate my birthday so I can actually celebrate it with people…it’s going to be a nutty one. So far, summer hasn’t quite been a bastion of laziness — not in the slightest! In a way, that’s good, despite it hurting my blogging frequency. Such is life, though.

Catch you all later.