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Good morning folks! My midterm hell for this semester is officially over as of this morning. I don’t think they went too badly; but we’ll see if it’s a false sense of confidence or what. ;)

Despite the exams, it was a pretty good weekend. I enjoyed the nice crisp air under the sunny skies (indeed, a stark contrast to this gray and muggy morning). Saturday I went with a friend to the Friends of the Library Book Sale and absolutely loaded up on books and even a few videos. Some of these are absolutely priceless, particularly the Windows 95 Feature Introduction video hosted by Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry back in 1995. I’ll have a picture of the cover of that one; it’s fairly priceless. Sunday, in an act of stress relief, I took a long walk downtown amongst the tourists and saw a giant cruise ship, among other things. Was actually a nice walk — gotta take advantage of the nice weather while we have it.

It was a good Sunday for football, too. Both the Panthers and Chargers came away with victories. The Panthers game was fantastic. Delhomme threw for a career high in yardage, and the Panthers and Ravens really got into a dogfight. Kyle Boller, by the way, showed some of that late-season form for the Ravens in relief of Steve McNair…very interesting. He plays best when he feels as if he has something to prove. The Chargers beat the 49ers…as expected. They’re a good team that’s beat up on a lot of bad teams and gone 1-1 against decent squads. That’s not too shabby. Giving Philip Rivers freedom was one of the best things Schottenheimer could do. That, and LT is a stud: Four touchdowns on Sunday makes him a fantasy football dream.

I caught the last eight minutes of the Bears-Cardinals game, and witnessed one of the most epic collapses in modern football history. The Bears, which scored nothing offensively, got its trademark defense going in the 4th quarter and great special teams play to ring up 27 on the Cardinals and come away with a victory — this, after being down 20-3 at the half. The Bears ended up with six turnovers in the game, four courtesy of Rex Grossman interceptions. They should not have won; the Cardinals gave them the game. One bright spot for Arizona: Matt Leinart did everything he was supposed to do, and looked fantastic against that Bears D. As for Da Bears…they’re still undefeated, standing at a sterling 6-0. They should have lost that game, though, no question.

Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday — lots of things to do today.