It’s Saturday, the first day of the final weekend before a week or two of piledriver-free final exams.

As Per Whatever

Things learned this evening at Ale’s

  • The Nintendo Wii might be the most fun console, right out of the box, ever created. Nintendo has hit a home run with this product, at least in the short term — the key is to keep the games fresh and upcoming.
  • WiiSports is awesome. I am in love with the baseball game in particular. You actually swing the controller as the bat, and the pitching is the same way (overhand motion, though I did some submarine stuff and it was wicked fun). One thing that bothered me through the game was that the “splitter” came out more like a knuckleball (it had very little rotation). The top speed anyone could reach with the fastball was 94 mph, which I’m assuming is the limit (someone can feel free to prove me wrong here). It’s limited to three-inning games, with no extra innings in a tie situation, and for good reason: after three innings, you get TIRED. I wonder when someone’s going to have to have Tommy John surgery because of extensively playing Wii baseball.
  • When surrounded by 22″ LCD widescreen monitors for $200, buy as many as possible. Ale has two now and the setup is just absolutely ridiculous.
  • Freebird is hard as hell to play on Expert mode in Guitar Hero II. It’s absurd. You’re better off just pushing random buttons than trying to follow the song. I’d love to see someone beat Freebird in Expert mode in a reasonable timeframe.
  • I am not any ordinary guitar hero — rather a guitar God. This was my score playing Girlfriend on expert in a duel with Duke, I believe. My left wrist is going to be incredibly painful in the morning.

Good times were had by all tonight…I needed it. It’ll be back to a real grind tomorrow I think, despite the fact I won’t step foot on campus for another couple days yet. It’s That Time of Year in which everyone is stressed to the limit and all that fun stuff — yes, finals week is fast approaching, so expect a bit of a slowdown on the blog front in the couple days unless something happens that’s just really awesome or that really just makes me mad. Hehe.