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Fires Near Myrtle Beach

Volumetric analysis of KILX radar over Myrtle Beach. Note small smoke plumes.
Volumetric analysis of KILX radar over Myrtle Beach. Note small smoke plumes.

It’s never good when a fire registers on a weather radar, and well enough to show up in a vertical cross-section to boot. My thoughts are with those who are under siege from wildfires near Myrtle Beach. As a San Diego native whose family has been under repeated threat from wildfires over the last several years, I’m very sensitive to such situations.


Frightening situation in SoCal

As you’ve probably seen in the news, Southern California is being ravaged by wildfires. It’s a frightening situation, to be sure, and it’s hitting quite close to home: a good chunk of my extended family in San Diego has had to evacuate their homes. They’re going to a safe place closer to the coast, which is the important thing, but I can’t begin to imagine what they’re going through right now. Please keep everyone who’s affected in your thoughts — let’s hope that those terrible Santa Ana winds back off so the firefighters out there can gain some ground and save what they can.

UPDATE: Meryl Corant of WCBD interviewed me about the fires. It should be on at 6:00 tonight.

UPDATE 2: You can read and watch the story, which aired on the 6:00 news, on WCBD’s website. It’s well done, I think. Thanks for your support — I just got another update and indications are that things continue to be OK, so that’s a good sign. Here’s hoping for a change in the pattern soon…



As you all probably know, it barely rains here anymore. (Except for the three inches or so that just dropped on Goose Creek, but I digress.) With the relative lack of rain and above-average temperatures for this time of year, fire danger is definitely out there.

Right now there’s a giant cloud of smoke hanging low over Downtown and the rest of the Lowcountry. This smoke is coming from some wildfires burning south of Georgia, and the southwest winds are blowing the smoke up this way. Needless to say, air quality sucks right now. It’s pretty nasty out. Last night, I was walking to a friend’s house, and the moon was bright orange from all the smoke in the atmosphere. Ugh.

Let’s hold out hope for some rain that doesn’t come from a severe thunderstorm (my parents reported extremely heavy rains and quarter-size hail — NEXRAD backed them up on that) that can make things a little bit better, because right now, it seems like late June versus early May. Next week should bring relief with a cold front set to come through during the day Sunday.