In Brief

Going to Extremes

Microsoft’s error messages may have been rather cryptic and full of techno-babble in the past, but you could at least find a Knowledge Base article based on the message and get a good handle on what’s going on. “Something happened” is still cryptic with the added detriment of being completely useless. Unfortunate, too, because Windows 10 — if it installs, anyway — is a really strong OS, as strong as Windows has been in recent years.

As Per Whatever

The irony is incredibly amusing

Get a load of this: Windows 1.0 apps running on Windows Vista. See, I just find it hilarious that while Photoshop disables Aero Glass (at least in build 5744; this was allegedly fixed for RTM), these Windows 1.0 apps eat it right up. It’s also amazing just how well Windows runs legacy code, which is good and bad in some respects.