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A few days’ worth of observations

Into The Sunset

Random observations made on an approximately three-to-four day blogging hiatus that involved a great photowalk (the above photograph and two new images in the titlebar rotation being products of said photowalk; you can find the rest in my Flickr set), an epic lazy day spent with Windows 7, and other day-to-day snippets: Continue reading

Windows 7: They might get this right yet

“Windows 7” has made the leap from the codename to official name of the next version of Windows, making it the first version of Windows since NT 4.0 to use the version number in its branding. If the stuff in Paul Thurrott’s FAQ pans out (which I suspect it will; Microsoft won’t [can’t] let the Vista debacle happen again) Windows 7 will be quite a worthwhile release. I just can’t help but wonder how much further they’re going to stunt Vista growth, particularly in the corporate marketplace, by talking up 7 so soon. Regardless, I like this suggestion for a marketing slogan. :)