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How I spent my Saturday night

Folks, this is going to be a long story, one that I’m certain explains my eHarmony results. Please, grab a cup of coffee spiked with the liquor of your choosing (you’ll need it), sit down, and dive into my tale of Active Directory chaos. It’s a bit geeky, but I’ll try to explain stuff as I go along. Continue reading

Back to reality

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break. Mine was pretty terrific: in addition to the video gaming mentioned a few days ago and the requisite consumption of turkey and chocolate pie, I also saw the new James Bond movie with my friend Mark. It was the first movie I’d seen in a theater since Star Wars III in May of 2005, and I must say, it was fantastic. Daniel Craig may not look like past Bonds but he does a fantastic job. Highly recommended!

In addition to my first trip to the theaters in a year and a half, I’ve also made some infrastructure updates; I now have a backup domain controller, redundant DNS, and some limited DHCP failover now on my home network. This machine, known as healer (it seems the latest trend in my naming of machines are early Ryan Farish songs), is a Windows Server 2003 box with a single 733 MHz Pentium II and 384 MB RAM. It’s not bad and will do a great job not only serving in the BDC role but it will also be put into motion as the latest machine to power the weather station — because it is a smaller, quieter machine (literally, an older Dell Dimension), it will fit much more nicely in the back of my apartment versus the giant machine currently there (Nightwind, my Windows 2000 Advanced Server). This switch will occur sometime overnight in the next few days; probably this weekend. After school lets out I’ll be upgrading Nightwind, the primary domain controller, DNS box, etc. from Windows 2000 Advanced Server to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. Windows 2000 is incredibly reliable but Windows 2003 enables some additional security stuff that will be quite useful.

That was the extent of productivity; though — a lot of time was spent just trying to chill out a bit (for a change). It most definitely was the calm before the storm. To be blunt, it doesn’t get much better from here until the 13th of December, when my final exams will be complete. :) I’ll be airing my plan out into the open here in a blog post in the very near future.