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My recap of Pavano and Hughes

As promised, here’s my guest post on YanksBlog.com about Phil Hughes and Carl Pavano’s rehab appearances for the RiverDogs Tuesday night. The rain really kept a lot of folks away, so I had a little more freedom of movement than I was anticipating. I was frightened the game wouldn’t even happen! I’ll write more about the experience later on, as this is a first for me, but for now, it’s time for bed!

Pavano and Hughes rehabbing in Charleston

Folks in Charleston will get to see a rare sight later tonight, as Carl Pavano and Phil Hughes of the New York Yankees will embark on rehabilitation assignments with our Single-A RiverDogs against Asheville at 7:05. I’ll be covering the game for YanksBlog.com. Major leaguers don’t stop by often; the last one that I know of was Jon Lester last year at the RiverDogs’ opening game as he began to rehab his way back from his chemotherapy treatments to beat away lymphoma. Carl Pavano pitching is a rare sight in and of itself, too. There are some tickets left but count on them to go quickly!

On the road…

I’m currently in Wytheville, Virginia, enroute to Cleveland, Ohio, where tomorrow Tom from work and I will see the second game of the Indians’ playoff series against the New York Yankees. I was able to hook up my Mac to my Blackjack and take advantage of the 3G speed in Charlotte, where we watched the Indians absolutely whip the Yankees in the Chili’s by Lake Norman.

We’ve driven over some pretty beautiful parts of the country. I’m sure tomorrow will bring quite a few sights from the higher elevations of West Virginia as we get into Ohio. It should be quite a ride, and quite a great game. I’ll have more in the next day or so as the trip continues.

Summer’s final day

The final day of what I consider “summer” is today. I’ve been stewing about the apartment kind of trying to get ready. I’ve also had a unique opportunity to watch daytime TV, and I still maintain that Maury Povich should just rename his show “Who’s Your Daddy.” All I’ll say is that it’s a shame that the one time when a guy actually WANTS to be the father and he doesn’t turn out to be it. No fun. Continue reading