Moving Day

Today, we at BoomTown said farewell to our headquarters of the last five-plus years at 635 Rutledge Avenue. When we report to work next week, we’ll be in a brand-new facility on upper King Street. When I started at BoomTown in 2012, we had two suites of the repurposed Jabra’s grocery store. Over the ensuing […]

The Bad Old Days

It’s a good thing standards won out on the Web, huh? The difference between these pages is that IE 4 can interpret the <marquee> tag while Netscape 4 never understood it. Those late ’90s browser wars were not for the faint at heart. It wasn’t all bad, though: The Windows NT virtual machine I ran […]

Going to Extremes

Blue Screen of Dumb. — Jared Smith (@jaredwsmith) July 30, 2015 Microsoft’s error messages may have been rather cryptic and full of techno-babble in the past, but you could at least find a Knowledge Base article based on the message and get a good handle on what’s going on. “Something happened” is still cryptic […]

Birds on Radar

No #chswx concerns this AM. Most interesting things on radar over land are birds taking off near Lake Moultrie. — Charleston Weather (@chswx) July 23, 2014 The only thing more fun than armchair storm chasing with RadarScope or the Gibson Ridge suite is finding all the non-meteorological things on radar, such as this roost […]