About Jared

It me. Photo credit: Candice Herriott
Jared Smith, 32, is a development team lead at BoomTown in Charleston, SC, where he specializes in engineering on the company’s WordPress-based consumer sites. He brings over ten years experience with the WordPress platform to BoomTown, providing subject matter expertise not only within the development team but also throughout the company.

In whatever time there is left, Jared runs @chswx on Twitter. @chswx is the most-followed Charleston-specific weather source in the Lowcountry, and works closely with local media and the National Weather Service to ensure that critical weather information gets disseminated with as little hype and as much substance as possible.

In previous lives, Jared was one half of the technical team at ReadWriteWeb (now known as ReadWrite) and a webmaster at his alma mater, College of Charleston, from where he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2008.

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