I’m not convinced digital licenses are a great idea

Iowa is testing a digital drivers’ license next year. This kind of thing would be quite handy at places like bars and going through airport security, but I would strongly think twice about using one of these at a traffic stop. It is completely unclear from the press release regurgitation on Techmeme if the officials implementing this program have thought about the ramifications of stopped drivers handing over their unlocked phones to police officers. Is it open season on their phone’s data at that point? It’s a concerning thought that isn’t terribly clear. (I also refuse to use digital insurance ID cards, despite the fact they are accepted in SC, due to this ambiguity.)

The only thing more fun than armchair storm chasing with RadarScope or the Gibson Ridge suite is finding all the non-meteorological things on radar, such as this roost ring of birds that happens on cue at sunrise during the summers at Lake Moultrie.

A severe-warned thunderstorm that produced quarter-size hail in Hanahan missed my part of West Ashley to the northeast this afternoon. However, this thunderstorm produced an outflow boundary which intersected with the seabreeze over the Charleston/Dorchester county line to generate new showers and thunderstorms. These thunderstorms pushed east and dropped a brief amount of rain and a little wind before moving on to the southeast.

Summer is the best.

I took some opportunities this past weekend to get my feet really wet with the GoPro’s time-lapse shooting capability. Here’s a couple hours of shots watching the skies ahead of a potent evening thunderstorm on Hilton Head Island.