So far, so good with the fifth betas of iOS and iPadOS 15. Refinements are definitely starting, but there are still plenty of rough edges, which is to be expected at this stage. I’ve come to really enjoy the notification summaries — I added a midday summary to my slate, for a total of three — and find Focus modes extremely helpful. Syncing Focus state across devices solved a problem I didn’t realize I had until I added the iPad to the mix back in June, when my phone would be on Do Not Disturb but I would forget to set the iPad.

I’m running the dev seed of Monterey on my 2015 MBP, and had a bit of a scare last night when I went back to it and it was powered off. I fired it back up, but it promptly went into a reboot loop every time I tried to log in. Shutting the machine down and powering back up took care of it, and the installation finished successfully. I’ve not spent much time with it since then, though. Here’s hoping the public beta goes on a little smoother today on the M1.

Hoping for a watchOS 8 public beta today as well. Battery struggles are very, very real on beta 4 on my Series 4, so here’s hoping those rough edges start to smooth out on beta 5.