What’s on my mind to start the week:

  • ⚾️ Good for Reiss Knehr, getting his first major league win in a bullpen game for the Padres. I like his mettle.
  • ⚾️ Thank goodness Tatis is back. San Diego desperately needs his bat — and his swagger. So far, so good in right field. It’s a nice luxury to have Jake Cronenworth, a natural shortstop, be able to slide into that position and not skip a beat. Also, how good does that Adam Frazier trade look now?
  • ⚾️ The Padres just cannot be dropping series to the likes of the Diamondbacks if they expect to make it very far into October (or even the playoffs at all). The Dodgers and Giants have much better records against the teams that they should beat.
  • ⌚️ Where is watchOS 8 public beta 5? Is Apple just going to skip it and seed us with beta 6 this week? (Presuming, of course, we go to weekly releases starting this week.)
  • 🖥 I really, really hope the external monitor struggles in Monterey beta 5 are resolved soon. The new release botched the black point on my new 4K LG monitor, and now both the USB-C and HDMI monitors kick on briefly at random intervals. (Previously, only the USB-C/DisplayPort monitor did this.)
  • 🤔 Why exactly do I torture myself every summer with betas?

Be good to each other.