Giving MarsEdit 5 a whirl from the new micropost screen.

I rescued my Tumblr account and unearthed this gem. A very young Charlie Brown, think he’s about a year and a half here.

So the Elon thing on the bird app seems to be going well. 😬

The first production commit to in almost two years is a CSS fix for headers running into images. Look, it’s something. More to come.

Fediverse offers some interesting possibilities for syndicating @chswx content, such as alerts. I could theoretically set up my own server and then put certain classes of alerts into their own channels along with a catch-all. 🤔

Platforms come and go, but standards are (mostly) forever.

I’m surprised Apple didn’t delay Stage Manager until spring. My only guess is that they felt they had to get it in peoples’ hands and iterate from there. Vittici was pretty pointed, but constructive, in his criticisms.

Tidying things up over here on the ol' micro-dot-blog. Can’t imagine why.

Went with the MacBook Pro 14” with the M1 Pro over the M2 Air. For the money I would have spent on the configuration I wanted for the Air, I’d be out several ports and a card reader, not to mention the brilliant ProMotion refresh rate. What a difference from my 2015 13” MBP!

The overlapping notification bug was indeed fixed in iOS 15.1, and thank goodness for that. What an annoyance. I’m still surprised it made it to the final release.

I hope that someone fixed the notification overlap bug with Summaries in iOS 15.0.2 and just didn’t say anything. That is beyond annoying and makes one of the tentpole features of 15 very difficult to use.

There’s a bad bug in the latest Keynote update for iPadOS (and probably iOS, too). If, on first launch, you open a presentation with font warnings, after dismissing the font warning box you’ll be presented with a totally unresponsive Keynote. You have to open a presentation with no font warnings (or …

This is my favorite thing today. (Yes, I realize it’s early.) I’ve loved Dan Siegel’s music for years, and this interpretation with guitars is so, so good.

I think I am finally becoming a real Mac user: both my home and work desktops have gotten uncharacteristically cluttered with lots of random things. (Thank goodness for Stacks.)

Ida is getting it together at absolutely the wrong time for New Orleans, and it doesn’t look like much will get in its way at this point through landfall. I don’t like it one bit for a whole host of reasons, but especially because it looked once again like there was no plan.

Don’t like Ida for my LA/MS/AL Gulf Coast peeps. Please be getting ready now for a major hurricane strike with peak wind impacts in Louisiana — perhaps in the New Orleans metro area — and flooding impacts spreading much further out from the center of the storm.

I could do the easy thing, which is to just stick a local in the path to the PHP interpreter in my LDM ingest script, or I could do the hard thing, which is to Dockerize all of it. Take a wild guess at what I’m doing.

Wild Friday night over here doing a deep dive into HTML semantics. Pro tip: If you list “expert in HTML” on your résumé and I’m interviewing you, I’m gonna test that.

Kudos to Apple for reversing course on requiring the bottom-aligned address bar for Safari 15 on iOS. Giving the user choice here was the right call — a win-win for everyone.

So far, so good with the fifth betas of iOS and iPadOS 15. Refinements are definitely starting, but there are still plenty of rough edges, which is to be expected at this stage. I’ve come to really enjoy the notification summaries — I added a midday summary to my slate, for a total of three — and …

Hybrid Black Halo box set acquired. I had to buy a SuperDrive to listen to and import these CDs. Completely worth it — Hybrid is quality.

Safari’s new design on iOS 15 is a no-go. I’m usually really good at adjusting to change, but this isn’t taking. I always expect the address to be at the top of the screen. You need good reason to break decades of convention, and this ain’t it. Hoping for relief in beta 5.

Rejected @chswx tweets/microblogs: “Do you really like long walks on the beach? Prove it.”

I think the time is coming to ditch my 4K TN-paneled monitor that I’ve got attached to my Mac mini. I don’t game, I live in text, and I am still unaware of anything better than an IPS panel for textual applications. (I honestly wonder how much eyestrain I’ve incurred because of the …

MacRumors reports that iOS 15 will route people around Flash Flood Warnings. At first glance, this appears to be an extremely smart application of the Dark Sky acquisition. It will be interesting to see if this only applies to Flash Flood Warnings or other warning types. It would also be interesting …