Ten Years of iPhone

I genuinely enjoy watching this keynote if only to get fired up. Sad, cliche, but very true.

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Friday Night YouTube Video: “T.G.I. Monday” Microsoft Ad, Featuring David Bowie

I was so mesmerized by these commercials as a middle-schooler that my parents bought me a Best of David Bowie CD for Christmas back in 1998.

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What’s old is new again

I decided to dust off my Twenty Twelve child theme for from years ago and reimplement it with a little custom CSS. The more I look at Twenty Seventeen, the more I realize just how heavy it is. My aesthetic preferences lean far more minimalistic than they used to, and I find Twenty Twelve does an excellent job at scratching this itch — even in 2016 and beyond.

I love one tweak in particular: I’m now using system fonts for WebKit and Blink-based browsers. System fonts have gotten ridiculously good in the last few years. The performance and readability benefits make sacrificing some typographical creative license absolutely worth it.

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Moving Day

BoomTown's old headquarters at 635 Rutledge Ave.
BoomTown’s old headquarters at 635 Rutledge Avenue.

Today, we at BoomTown said farewell to our headquarters of the last five-plus years at 635 Rutledge Avenue. When we report to work next week, we’ll be in a brand-new facility on upper King Street.

When I started at BoomTown in 2012, we had two suites of the repurposed Jabra’s grocery store. Over the ensuing few years our footprint in the building grew along with the business, and by late 2014 we had taken over all but one suite. However, we’re busting at the seams, and it’ll be great to be able to stretch our legs a little bit.

Thanks for the memories, 635. It’s been a good run.

Dances with AWIPS Technology Weather

Derived Parameters in Unidata AWIPS on macOS

I have a really big post in the works about how I’m using Unidata’s fork of AWIPS II for weather stuff these days on my Macs. It has come a long way in a year, and I’m really digging it. (In fact, I have it up on a monitor at virtually all times at home these days as a situational awareness display.) In the meantime, I wanted to share an important finding on its own that may help a lot of struggling AWIPS users out there.

Updated July 18, 2017: You don’t need to follow all these instructions anymore. With AWIPS 17.1.1, Unidata has provided a package with the required jep and gridslice modules. Download these modules from the Unidata website.


Roll Clouds

AWIPS animation of visible satellite on Friday, December 16.
AWIPS animation of GOES-East visible imagery on December 16, 2016. Roll clouds are very evident in this imagery. Also note the hard edge of the cloud canopy of the cool air wedge in place around Lumber City, GA.

Yesterday’s skies were particularly awesome, with lots of roll clouds on display. Shea Gibson of WeatherFlow shared some photos from the ground as well as a great explainer on how the clouds ended up like they did over on Facebook.

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The Best Silence I’ve Ever Heard

Really, really loving this collaboration between BT and Christian Burns, which just hit Spotify today but has been available on vinyl for a while. The only negative is that it’s not enough and I want more.

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Jason Fried in Signal v. Noise:

Hours are never the differentiator–it’s never about working more hours than someone else. It’s about the decisions you make. How you spend your time, what you do and don’t do. Especially what you don’t do.

Jason Fried and the Basecamp crew have a way of speaking to me at just the right time.

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Hyper 1.0.0

Hyper: HTML/CSS/JS (React)-based terminal emulator

Hyper seems interesting: it’s an Electron and React-based terminal emulator. It’s totally open source, totally powered by JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

It’s going to take a whole hell of a lot to pry me away from my meticulously-crafted iTerm2 setup, but this is at least worth experimenting with if only for the easy extensibility using the technologies I’m immersed in every day. It is fascinating just how good JS/HTML/CSS apps are getting.

The only downside: It doesn’t run on Windows 95. Going to have to settle for this instead…

HyperTerminal. Decidedly not written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
HyperTerminal. Decidedly not written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
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When Teen Vogue is explaining Trump better than NYT…

Teen Vogue: Donald Trump is Gaslighting America

This is a must-read, teen or otherwise.